Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pixar pictures

This past summer I got the chance to participate in Pixar's animation internship. I thought I'd share a few memories with you! Here we are in our office window.
Every Friday we rocked '80s costumes.

Here we are with our instructor Aaron Hartline. He was incredible- he really brought out the best in each of us. Not only did he help us grow as animators, but he helped us grow as professionals, showing us how to be a part of Pixar's culture and how to work in a studio environment.

If you'd like to check out the other intern's reels, here they are in order from left to right:
Youri DekkerSikand SrinivasMike BidingerSani SpectraRegina Donovan
We also had five amazing story interns this year!
Christina Chang, Hannah Cho, Zachary Shore, Yon Hui Lee, and Vitaliy Strokous.

Each animation intern was assigned a personal mentor. I was lucky enough to get Ken Kim as mine. He was one of the most talented, patient, funny guys I've met, and he taught me a ton- I think the most important thing I learned from him was to improve my poses and make sure they are appealing and clear.

I learned so much this summer! I learned to improve my workflow and speed, I learned to make sure my poses are appealing before showing blocking, I learned to be confident in my ideas, and I learned to make sure my choices are clear and simple. But what will stay with me forever is the amazing people I got to share this adventure with. They inspired me to become a better artist, and a better person.

Thanks for the memories, cupcakes! I'll miss you all!

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