About Me

Hello! I’m a character animator currently working at Pixar. I've also worked at Nickelodeon, Disney, Buck LA, Penrose VR, and I just finished up animating on a VR film at The Third Floor. I graduated with a BA in animation from Academy of Art University. On the side I've been studying story, making my own short films and TV shows, and playing in my band Sioux City Kid

During school I worked as a music teacher and an actress at The Cinderella Company. Through this work, I realized that children experience animation as more than entertainment; they see the world they live in and try to emulate the characters they love. I believe that animation is more than just moving characters around; it’s about moving the audience. Making films is more than just a job for me; it’s how I hope to communicate with the next generation! :)

Thanks for taking a look at my work, feel free to reach out if you like what you see!

Email: nicoleridgwell@gmail.com