Friday, April 8, 2011

Final Test

So I finally narrowed it down to one pose... any suggestions on how to make it stronger?


  1. That looks really, really solid to me, Nic. Like the positive/negative space, none of the parts really get lost in silhouette. Head tilt is engaging, etc.

    Only minor suggestions I could make would be to maybe pull the right foot more down(back/right?) to give that thigh some more length. Right now it's pointed almost directly at the camera and making it look sorta like a peg. :)

    Second thing would be to maybe tent the fingers on the right hand just a tad. Try sitting with your hand flat on the floor like that. You almost never are putting enough force on it to make it totally flatten out like that. Your weight's usually broken up between your palm/base of the thumb, so the fingers tend to still have a bit of a bend in them.

    This looks really nice.

  2. Very very cool nicole, love this pose! Its prly just me cos no-one else has mentioned it, but something about the right arms elbow bending outwards like that isnt looking right, other than that awesome!