Monday, April 4, 2011


I'm having a hard time deciding which of these sketches I should use to pose out in Maya... help!


  1. First off, for quick thumbs I love the line quality on some of these.

    As to the poses, I probably like the "Shoe Tie Guy" the best. Like that silhouette, especially how the left leg just out from the rest of the body. 2nd is probably the person lying down reading.

    The girl in the shorts, sitting on the ground checking her phone(if that is indeed what she's up to) could be an interesting pose too if her left leg isn't straight out like her right one is(just cuz that'd make it more interesting). As it stands right now, I could probably color that in totally in black and I'd still know exactly what she was doing based on the hand/head tilt.

    Hopefully that helped and didn't further muck up the waters.

  2. I love the guy on the top-right of page 4 most :) But I think it'll be better if you sketch this pose in front view :D. "Shoe Tie Guy" is great too :). Maybe you try pose these pose in Maya :D When WIP we can practice more n' more pose :D, and in Tue, we can ask some comment of Scott ;).

  3. Hey great sketches Nicole and nice blog layout too. I'm glad you liked the Class 1 Reflection video im gonna be doing weekly video journals from here on till I finish animation mentor XD. Wow already 18 follower already thats awesome. Anyways keep working hard.